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Since we've made a few boards for some of the Sways crew (and more on the way), it's time

to have a place to post those ride reports.

So if you've got a Coil Construction shooter shaped by either Kirk Brasington or myself, or if

you've stolen your friend's for a few waves, here's your chance to talk about it...

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If anybody replies, you would have to have 3 more to even Bert Burgers ride reports, only greg loehr, surfercross, and 1 other person i know of have surfed those boards.
How do YOU like your boards? No shame in telling us. So come on and dont be shy. You must have surfed quite a few different ones in your lifetime, so your opinion has weight.

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I'm one of those people whose brain goes into neutral when I surf, half the time I can't
even remember what I did on a wave once I kick out. I have little bits and pieces of waves
stored away, but I'm always amazed (and envious) at the detail some can provide regarding
the nuances of board performance. So I'm not very good at doing ride reports.

I know when I like a board, however, and I like my Coils. I'll try to fill in whatever else I can
later, after some of the other riders. I think their opinions matter a great deal more than mine

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if you give me one i will ride it and give a detailed report

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Hi Mike Had a great session today on my 6'4 quad Coil.Waist to chest windswell.Third time on this board. The speed is unreal.Flat out flies and comes out of turns with heaps of speed.The lift is very apparent.Felt like a hoverboard backside.Never felt a board react the way this one does.Can't wait to ride it again.Thanks again. Jeff

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Nice try, surfkid, but this is a paying-customer-only thread. I will put you on the
list of ''people who'd like a free board''. We've got Coils in the water down in San
Diego and San Clemente, so we're workin' our way up the coast and maybe you'll
see one soon.

Jeff, you know how glad I am that board goes for you. That ''hover'' comment sounds
like a sensation I get on my backhand also. Very free and fast. That board would be
a good one to post a pic, it's something ''different''.

silly, your comment about ''if it's not overhead and offshore and uncrowded'' makes
me think of line from a song called ''Jaded''. ''No place to go but the Riviera, No one
to go with but Bridgette Bardot...''. You are one spoiled Kiwi. I am glad, however, that
you share my impairment wrt ''testing''. And I guess you'll see some photos of our boards
on this thread.

edit to respond to grasshopper and sak:

Casey's fish was on the ''Coil Carbon/Spectra'' thread before he even picked it up. Glad you
''got it'' and thanks for the encouragement on taking some design chances. I think when you
refered to denting, you meant foot wells, we do get those over time, but it takes a lot to pressure
dent our boards. And there's a whole lot of differences between our boards and hand-lammed
stringerless EPS.

Thanks for the photos, sak. That's the board you call your ''quadvertible''. but since that really
references the fin configuration more than the shape, we had to think of another name. All the
really good names and alphanumeric mumbo-jumbo were spoken for, so we just call it the widerboard.

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Does it count if it wasn't shaped by you or the Brasingtons?

I've had 3 of them from Neilson. Was happy with the construction on all of them but had a really hard time dialing the shape in. You really do have to account for the added glass in the shape of the board. Makes a huge difference in getting the feel right.

Super fast, light, durable. The boards seem to heel dent similar to 2# EPS/epoxy boards, but that's about it. No dings or pressure dents all over, just one indentation under the front foot.

Going with this construction method for any of my high performance boards from now on. Actually just rode one this evening in the wind slop we got. Works well in choppy, junky surf too. The key for me was to give up some volume throughout the board and go a little wider overall with thin, knifey rails.

6'4" x 19" x 2 1/8"

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Nice try, surfkid, but this is a paying-customer-only thread. I will put you on the list of ''people who'd like a free board''.

Can you stick me on that list. Only can you make mine a longboard?

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Mike, would really love to hear any ride reports, or simply to see a photo of, a longboard in this construction... photos???... reports???... beuhler??

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Sorry guys, no longboards right now.

But the first surfboard Kirk and Eric Brasington ever did with what was to become the
Coil Construction process was a longboard (about 1993), so it's not out of the question
that there might be more someday. They're not anti-longboard or anything.

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mike i find it hard to test as well
i like just about any board and adjust to it
im more interested in the waves
if its not overhead and peeling offshore uncrowded bazzas, i get bored pretty quick no mater what im riding
basically if your in the juice and your after 20 to 30 waves sessions
you more interested in how the board paddles and catches waves in critical sections

id love to have ago of one of yours mate
just on your shapes alone
we want more coil porn please