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Ive got a Gordon&Smith Hy-1 9'6 surfboard ive owned it for 15 years . i bought it of an old American surfer from Hamilton in New Zealand.i was wondering if any of you out there might know anything about this  board . I was wondering how old it is,how many were made and what there worth. There dosnt seem to be much info out there on this board.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .   Cheers

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i don't know how old the board is, (i was born in the early 60's) i do know by the HYl that is was shaped by mike hynson. he use to shape for g&s.

*GUESSING?  i would say it was shaped  in the later 60's or early 70's? but looking at the fin i would guess the early 70's. but IS that the original fin? i noticed it has a leash plug too?

mike still puts that HYl logo out on his boards today. i know i have a few hyl's

the board is probably worth 450.00- 1050.00 depending on the buyer. i say that because "it's a mike hynson shaped g&s."

again i'm just guessing and trying to help. maybe i should help by not guessing :  )

you can contact me through swaylocks if you want; would love to know if it has 50/50 rails all the way through, or if there's some bite in the tail? - good luck with the board.