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Joined: 04/20/2004

I'm looking to get a new board to transition from longboarding to mid-size shortboarding.

Here is my situation: I'm 39 years old and have been longboarding the sloppy swells of the Pacific Northwest for 7 years now. At this point, I'd like to shelf the 8.5 and 10 footers for a while and try going shorter. I'm thinking about a board in the 7'6" - 7'10" range. Sound reasonable? My paddle arms are not getting any younger and the waves here would not favor too short of a board. They are rarely real steep or rideable over 10ft. We get mostly mushy beachbreak of short rides, choppy surface, loads of flat sections and closing out sections. The board needs to be able to paddle through this stuff and be fast and quick enough to maneuver around all of these variablilities.

Now for my questions:

1) What is a good shape for this situation? Egg or hybrid? They seem to be the mid-size shapes of choice but I have not been able to determine the pros and cons of each shape and how that applies to my surfing.

2) Tri or Single fin? I like the idea of the quick turns of a tri fin but I'm concerned about the drag on speed and paddling.

Any help or suggestions?


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everyone's got personal preferences
Mine is a mid 7 twin fin, any width, any tail config, any bottom contour
Perfect for surfing less than 10 days a year, can handle arms reach overhead down to knee high dribble
Flatten the rocker, add some thickness, like to 2.75", and it could easily be a mid 6'er, paddling the same, catching waves close enough
3 boxes that can handle 6" tall fins, tail box need to handle 9"ers.