Reactions to epoxy sanding dust

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This subject came up on another thread and I was unable to give a difinitive answer, so I decided to do some checking. First the question was, "Would there be any advantage to using additive F in reards to reducing reaction to sanding dust?" I put in a call to Larry Pope who has , far and away, sanded more epoxies than anyone. In fact he's sanded more surfboards than anyone ( estimated 300,000 - 400,000). He has in the past had reactions to epoxy sanding dust and in a couple instences this has been sever. He first noted that evey time he's had a reaction he felt somewhat a fault for being lazy and not washing the stuff off in a reasonable amount of time. Also most reactions had to do with the sanding of glass rather than just resin as in a hot coat. With regard to sanding post Additive F (about the last 2 and a half years) he claims that he has had no ill effects in that time.
I have some e-mail to others in the surf, sailboard and boating along with some to others in the epoxy industry to get further opinions. I'll post them here.

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So the main concern is senzitization or an allergic reation right? My main concern is my kids. Sometimes they will open the door to the sanding room to tell me something right in the middle of sanding a board and they do follow me into the room sometimes when i go to get something out of the room.