I have 2 Clark Foam blanks, both over 10' tall that I'm selling out of a storage unit of mine in East Hampton. $400 for them both or best offer. Pickup only in East Hampton. Needs to be arranged within the next week. Great opportunity to own some great history.
Super Rare, looking for more history? New information from Swaylocks General Discussion: "Made by Pacific Plastics of Ventura, CA. They also made Tiki, Ten Toes, Shark, Stingray, and other popouts. Plus, they built the Duke Kahanamoku popouts. The Inland Surfer was made for roughly one year only. Around 1964-65" "Yes, that is an Inland Surfer wakeboard from the mid 60s. It was made by one of the popout companies of the time and was not intended to ride waves." "Inland Surfer is a wakeboard from the 50's or 60's."