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High performance 8' x 25" x 4" SUP, hand shaped for me by Jose Barahona (head shaper @ Becker) and glassed at Mangiali's in Hermosa. EPS foam, epoxy glass, weighs 14 lbs with deckpad. Rocker copied from 9' C4 Battail, w/single concave, soft rails up front, pinched in tail. Futures boxes, custom Astrodeck grip (the stickiest, can't get anymore). Not sure how many liters - I weigh 170', floats me just right. Really fun board, in new condition. will ship anywhere, or pick up in Hermosa. Leo (310) 379-8800


This here is a rare bear. It’s a 6’7″ quad shaped by Mr. Rich Pavel out of the one of those enviro bio-foam blanks. This one has a bitchin’ wedge tapered flex stringer. That’s groovy. I have owned this board for several years and only ridden it a few time ready to surf and surf and surf.

6’7″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

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Retro Fish Quad should be part of your quiver. Great for bombing small mushy waves. Riding the true quad fish will give you the full effect of fun and energetic performance of em' all. Its Super fast, stability, and easy paddling can accommodate for beginners to expert level riding skill.

Available Size: 5'4 - 5'6 - 5'8 - 5'10 - 6'0 - 6'2 - 6'4 - 6'6

Volume: 32.8 L to 51.6 L

Bottom: Slight Single to Slight Spiral Convex

Constructions: Epoxy, EPS, (4,B,4+4,B,4)

6'4" BING DHARMA Shaped by Matt Calvani 

6'4" |  22 waist  |  2 5/8" thick  |  42.80 volume  |   Quad Futures set up, Fins included

In pristine condition, no dings,  just a few heel pressure dents

Firm on price, Anything less would be a disrespect to the maker.

contact me via text 307-413-9722 mike