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Single Fin


Thanks Nathan. Was a pleasure meeting you and passing on my 52 year old Hobie.  4-1--21

1969 6’10” Hobie Positive Force

While I haven't surfed since the late 70s I do still have my last custom board that I custom ordered from Hobie's Dana Point shop back in 1969.

She has traveled with me cross country from Texas to Oregon and through my four homes in Oregon.

I have many images that I can email to prospective buyers and there are several already on Swaylocks.

What you don't see in photo is how bladed out and foiled this sucker is. Think magic Sam. Not your average 60s log. Original flex fin. Removable. One or two minor dings. Epic rider. Perfect swing weight. Stable tip and true off the tail. Trims impeccably. 750 is a starter price, I will happily hold out on this irreplaceable crown jeweler.

We rap on phone to arrange any "deals". 


Frye egg in rider condition. Stringer and blank and glass job have plenty of life in them with proper "Rider" restoration job. Picked it up cheap and lettin it go steep. We talk about this via phone if you decide you're into it.