Single Fin

The Joel Tudor Diamond Tail is a super versatile longboard. You can ride it in ankle high surf or head high waves and is a great surfboard for someone who wants to progress their surfing and take it to the next level. You can ride it from the tail or the center and it is also a solid noserider. The diamond tail gives you the best of both worlds - the easy turning of a rounded pintail and the stability of a square tail. This board has a beautiful blue resin tint with white pinlines and a red Diamond T Tudor fin that was designed specifically for this board.

SOLD, thank you!

Very good condition, needs a new home, great ride. Fancy trim on the fin!

"it is a late 1965, or very early 1966. Your board was shaped by Bill (Willy) Clark. He is an outstanding craftsman, who went into custom boat design and building. At one point building a custom sail boat for Dennis Conner, of Americas Cup fame." ---Bill Thrailkill (thanks Bill)

Custom shaped noserider by Marsden, Awsoeme board to surf will give you endless amount of tip time and can really get on rail when you want ! 

Unfortunatly its time to head home and cant take the board with me. Board is in excellent condition only been surfed for three weeks. Grab yourself an absoloute steal ! 

This is a super cool slice of surf history. It's a hollow with(what I have been told) a honey comb like core. It was the first of the super light wight board to come out. The link below is a more in-depth story of the board. I have had it for probably 10 years just as a fun board to look at. I never surfed it.... looks like a fun shape to ride or something cool to hang on the wall. Harold walker (walker blanks) told me that not many of these boards made it of the 70s because they got beat and know one really knew how to fix them....