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Single Fin

A Santa Barbara,Ca. original piece of surfing history. One of the 1st labels to ride Rincon and Hollister's Ranch back in 1959. John Eichert a local legend shaped this Clark Foam blank with a 4" Balsa stringer. One of a kind never surfed in wall hanger A-1 condition. IKE is a retired label for many years and there is not another board like it to be found ever. Along with the B1 longboard are photos of John shaping the board in his shaping room, new board bag, and pro framed BW 8X10 1961 IKE Surf Shop photo. Contact 805-962-7737 Tim
BRAND NEW FROM ETERNAL LIFE ////// THE $ O N $ O L E $ SURFBOARD ////// 6'6 x 21 x 2 7/8 Single fin Hull entry, rolled belly, flat out the back. Up rails in the nose going to 50-50 and into hard edge off the end Groovy sherbet glass job 6+4 deck, 6 bottom w/ tail patch. Made 4 the waves U want 2 ride!!!! gliiiide and smooooth rolling carves ////// Plenty of volume in the center for paddling & early entry //// Will probably make you pleased to be alive /////// 100% handshaped & glassed in Ocean Ridge FL.