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Currently, we restrict users from adding comments to a forum topic until they have at least 10 userpoints. Points are gained by adding new posts and when people "like" your post. This was intended to allow new users to build up some degree of reputation before they can join the conversation in full capacity. Obviously, it's not quite working out that way.

If you are a new user and your intentions are good and you need points, the best thing to do send swaylock or one of the moderators a private message and ask for points. They can give you some. 

My intention is to overhaul the points system in the near future. Ideas, suggestions, etc are welcome.

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I joined because I saw a discussion on longboard history. recently I picked up a dismally painted longboard at a yard sale. The shape caught my eye in spite of the hack job, So I stuck it in the garage and pulled it out this evening. When I began to look for spots to begin scraping the paint off, I noticed that this board has deep grooves in the deck. Realizing someone had spent some serious riding time on this board, I  looked for and found some markings: "pointed tail". I uncovered an emblem next to it that read :" The Master". Finally I found some letters written 6" inches high across the width of the board:" Hansen". I want to clean it up , if for no other reason than that it is a classic and deserves better. Does anyone have any knowledge or resources on this board, or, is it a knockoff of the real thing? Thanks

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You should start a new post under the General Discussion section and title it 'Hansen board Info Wanted' or the like.

If you start the post, I can move the rest of the content over so you don't have to retype it.

This thread is for a specific topic related to forum workings, once your new thread is going we'll clear these replies off.

0 Be safe, have fun. -J