Vintage 1960 Velzy 9’6” $800

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My Dad passed away a couple years ago and he left me a couple boards, there's a couple I would never part with but this one didn't make the cut. I posted the board on this site a while back, looking for info. I ended up talking to the guy who was one of 2 shapers for Velzy in 1960. He could tell by the decal the year the board was shaped "The decal on your dad's board, was only used in 1960. The decals were printed in May of 1960. How do I know this? I was shaping for Velzy in 1960, and the backing of the decal had the May 1960 date on it."

The board is being stored at my Mom's place in Altadena, Ca. I'll ship it anywhere the buyer is willing to pay for.