Vintage Surf Collectors Club Meet at RVCA Costa Mesa 7/24/21

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Our 2nd VSCC Meet In Collaboration With RVCA Will Be NEXT SATURDAY 7am-11am at the RVCA Headquarters in Costa Mesa.  This Will Be The Club's First Event To Include 'VINTAGE SKATEBOARDS' within our vintage display policy guidelines.  You Must Be A Current 2021 VSCC Member to Display At This Meet, So If You Haven't Joined For 2021, Please Do So At ASAP When You Arrive At The Meet.  RVCA Will Be Providing Free T-Shirts To Current 2021 VSCC Members. 

*Please Arrive Before 7am To Setup.  

*Park on The Street After Unloading To Maximize The Event Space

*Please Bring 2021 VSCC T-Shirts (To Identify Paid Members And To Show Club Unity)

*The 2021 VSCC Club Shirt With Membership Is Only $30 This Year, Cash Only Please.

**Remember, Please Bring Vintage Boards Only (...Or At Least Mostly):

  If You See Somebody From Our Club With An Imbalance Of Modern Boards In His/Her Display, I'm Asking Your Help To Please Be A Friend And Kindly Explain The Reasons Our Club Has This 'Vintage Content Policy'.  My Hope Is That Our Senior Members As Well As Our Board Of Directors Will Help To Encourage And Motivate Newer Members To Keep Our Club Content As Vintage As Possible.  Thank You Ahead Of Time For Your Help With This:)

See You There! 

Thank You For Your Continued Support!

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Thanks for the heads up, I have some vintage boards in my garage that I'm ready to let go of; I'll check with the family schedule!

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