Surf to Skate: From Liquid to Asphalt Opens 10/21/17

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This exhibit will cover the origins of skateboarding to sidewalk surfing and the early surf shop skate teams of the 1960s; the 70s and the Dog Town skating/surfing cross influences . We will be showcasing some never before seen early images of Rick Griffin and his "Bum Board" series of skate cartoons plus we'll have some very special guests from both the surf and skate worlds. We'll be featuring items from the private collections of Dale Smith (Sausage Man), CR Stecyk and Brent Lieberman (Dog Town Chroniclers), Nathan Pratt (Z-Boy), Stanton Hartsfield (co-author of Surf To Skate: Evolution to Revolution Vol 1), Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, Shirley Rogers, Jim O'Mahoney (Santa Barbara Surf Museum), Marc "Buggs" Arico, Tom "Wally" Inouye, Ron Church, Spencer Croul, Warren Bolster and Juice Magazine.