An evening with Photographer Todd Glaser Saturday, November 18, from 5-8PM @ SHACC

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Come join us at SHACC on Saturday, November 18, from 5-8PM, for an evening with renowned surf photographer, Todd Glaser and special guests. Todd's work has taken him to remote surf spots from Tahiti to Alaska to Indonesia to Mexico, Todd has captured some of the biggest names in the surf world and photographed some of the world's most famous and dangerous waves. Todd Glaser is a San Diego-born photographer, surfer, and waterman. A SURFER Staff Photographer since 2008, Glaser is prolific for his young age, earning more than a dozen covers during his tenure at the magazine. Equally talented shooting land, water, and lifestyle photography, his work has also appeared in The New York Times, Outside, Rolling Stone, Men’s Health, GQ and the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, in Washington DC. He recently released his first book titled Proximity: a 300 page hardbound color book documenting the 8 of the worlds best surfers traveling to new waves and capturing their relationships. Proximity unites high-action surfing and intimate looks into the minds of Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Stephanie Gilmore, Dave Rastovich, Shane Dorian, Albee Layer, Rob Machado and Craig Anderson to create an unparalleled work of art (We'll have copies of Proximity available at the event). When he isn’t globetrotting chasing swells, treading water shooting in the tropics, or capturing images of the first wave ever ridden at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch, Featured in the 2010 release "Surfer Magazine: Fifty Years," Todd was awarded a Follow The Light Foundation grant in 2008 and won 2009 Surfer Magazine Photo of the Year, amongst numerous other awards." Glaser can be found riding waves around his home, on a variety of equipment types, and enjoying the company of his wife, Jenna. Entrance is $5, this is an all ages event.