LA Surf Start-up is Looking for Teammates

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Hi, My name is Archie and I'm the founder of Surfbuds, a young start-up based in LA working on making a wireless solution for listening to music while surfing (or doing any other water sports activities). The project is at an early stage, but I already raised some money for prototyping and we are starting to work on design next week. I'm looking for an Electrical Engineer and Mechanical Engineer who also share my love for surfing to join me in making this product. I think it will be a great product and a very cool project to work on. I have very compelling proposals, please feel free to contact me if your are interested! e: [email protected] t: +1(310)890-5107
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Ok,  nobody else bit on this;  So l will ask,  What are your proposals and what makes them so compelling???


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