“Addicted to Joy” Special screening at SHACC Thursday May 24 6:30

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Thursday May 24, Special Screening – Film starts at 6:30 sharp! The world’s best surfers and surfboard shapers come together to build the ultimate wooden surfboards from the rarest woods on earth. One hundred surfboards are being built from traditional woods, including Ancient Redwood, Giant Sequoia, Koa, Agave, Balsa, and Western Red Cedar. Sculpted by legendary hands and hearts from rare and precious materials into the highest expression of the Shapers art, these surfboards will be treasured down through the ages. Featured participants include: Donald Takayama, Al Merrick, Bill Hamilton. Kelly Slater, Darrick Doerner, George Downing, Rusty Preisendorfer, Fran Velzy, and Paul Strauch Jr. Surfers and shapers confirmed to attend: Timmy Patterson, Paul Strauch, Jim Phillips, Carl Ekstrom, Brando and Nick Palandrani Free for SHACC members, $5 for non-members SHACC · 110 Calle Iglesia · San Clemente · CA · 92672