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Air Compressor

Machine for compressing air. Comes in various sizes, from very small varieties for airbrush use to extremely large varieties for use with multiple large air tools. May be diaphragm type or piston type or one of many other varieties. Common 'shop size' compressors are 'oilless' or conventional, diaphragm or piston compressors, the latter tend to be quieter and longer lasting. Usually rated by power requirements ( amps ), SCFM ( Standard Cubic Feet per Minute) and motor horsepower - the latter is usually not to be relied opon in comparing compressors. - For best results, a compressor should also have a water filter and a pressure regulator, to remove condensed water vapor and control air pressure to the tool or sprayer. - Most compressors are used in conjunction with air storage tanks ( rated in cubic feet or gallons - 1 cu ft ~ 7.5 gallons) so that the compressor does not have to run constantly. - A good rule of thumb is that the compressor should have a SCFM pressure rating about 1/2 that of the largest tool to be used with it for compressors with air storage tanks. - in addition to use with paint spray gun and pneumatic tools, compressors may be used to drive vaccum pumps ( for vaccum bag laminating) , air blowers for shop cleanup, lift and control cylinders and more.