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Edro isn't a process it's an anglisised shortening of the name of an Italian company - Nouva Idropress. These guys have a eps pre-expander that makes very uniform round beads. Older processes produced beads that weren't round or uniform. When the beads get squished together uniform beads fuse together better, which means less space between beads which makes the foam stronger (stiffer) and less likely to absorb water. EPS made with a Nouva Idropress pre-expander and press is therefore attractive to shapers who are using it as a substitute for PU foam. However if you are doing compsand boards - well fused foam may be a problem. This is something Bert Burger has pointed out - better fused eps foam will resist shear and will be stiffer than a less well fused core. This might account for differences in experience with guys in the States doing compsand boards and guys in Australia and NZ. As far as I'm aware there are no Idropress machines in AU/NZ. *KeithMelville* (2006-02-08T11:07:44)