Styrene Monomer

STYRENE (MONOMER)A water-thin unsaturated hydrocarbon monomer used as a co-reactant diluent (i.e., a thinner and cross-linking agent) for polyester resin. Polyester resins are combined with fiberglass fabric to laminate over polyurethane foam blanks to make surfboards. The addition of styrene monomer can change physical properties and affect cure times. The styrene monomer is a solvent for styrene foam, which is why polyester resins cannot be used with them. *DANGER: Styrene is a highly volatile and dangerous substance, being both flammable and toxic when inhaled. Styrene will act as a solvent for the fatty tisues of the lungs and results in liquation (drowning) of the interior of the lungs - symptoms are similar to tuberculosis. WEAR A RESPIRATOR WITH ORGANIC VAPOR CARTRIDGE!*