Bahrman Rails

Bahrman Rails refers to a rails-first method of building wood rails for a hollow wooden surfboard from solid wood stock.  The template shape (outline) is drawn on dimensional lumber, about 1 1/4" wide, and cut out.  As the rocker curves up from the middle (front and back), the curved pieces are layered.  After glueing up the perimeter rails of the board, the rocker is shaped into the bottom.  

With the rails thus assembled , the framework can be added, or the top of the rails can be rough shaped as well, and then the framework added.  The rails may also be carved out (hollowed) to reduce weight.

The rail framework that results is a sturdy foundation that will support a variety of methods of filling in the remainder of the board.

The name derives from the development of this system by N. "Huck" Bahrman - who was frequently asked, "Are those Jensen Rails?"  (A reference to pioneering wood board builder Paul Jensen)  The logical reply was, No, they're...Bahrman Rails! 

No such method was in common use at the time Huck developed his system (2009), and he had never seen it done before doing it himself - although he does not claim to know if others may have developed a similar or identical method prior to him.  He has not attempted to copyright or patent the design in any way, and encourages others to use, attempt, or modify the method for themselves, if they are so inclined.