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Malibu Longboard, or "Mal"

The Malibu longboard generally refers to a classic style of longboard developed for surfing Southern California point break waves like Malibu Beach.  Typically a single fin surfboard, 9 - 10 feet long, 23" wide, 3 1/4" thick, with a wide round nose, nearly parallel rails, and a square tail.  The Mal has a "relaxed" rocker, meaning pretty flat, maybe 3-4.5" in the nose, and 2-3" in the tail.  The rails tend to be very round or "soft", usually even in the tail.  The Mal doesn't usually have any channels, the bottom tends to be flat in cross section, but sometimes a bit of concave in the nose (for lift while noseriding), and a little "V" out the very back, to facilitate turning.