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Joined: 03/18/2004

Howzit Swaylockians, Just thought I'd let you know Bethany Hamilton won her age division at the Pine Trees Longboard Contest this last weekend. She's still having some issues with short boards but when it comes to riding a longboard she's right on. Maybe she'll go pro on the womens circut. Aloha Kokua

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Thanks for the update Kokua. What an incredible inspiration Bethany should be to each of us. Think about it, it's so often we take what we are soooo blessed with for granted. I know I'm bummed if the weather isn't perfect or if the waves are too crowded even when the weather is perfect; Then I want to "kick the dog" if something goes a little wrong in my shop. But here she is with no arm, smiling, and stoked about life! For everyone who loves the water, Bethany should be our poster girl for attitude. As we each endeavor in our craft we should be mindful. "Attitude determines altitude."
Enjoy the ride!