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The rules of Swaylock's Surfboard Design Forum are pretty simple.

The rules are:
1) No personal attacks.
2) Stick to the topics of the various forums.
3) Please NO advertising in The General Discussion.
4) Please keep things you want to sell, promote, advertise etc, in the classifieds or the Marketplace Forum.

Those are all the rules. Posts that violate any of the above may be locked and/or deleted by either myself or one of the moderators at any time. If you feel that you are the victim of a personal attack, please PM me or one of the moderators and we will deal with it.


Everything below simply plays to forum etiquette.

Some things will make you unpopular:
1) Spam
2) Talking too much
3) Being a "know it all"
4) Repeating yourself
5) Rudeness

Some things will make you popular:
1) Spend some time before you storm in.
2) Search before you ask.
3) Search again.
4) Search again.
5) Punctuate and spell check.
6) Help groms and newcomers.
7) Be nice
8) Be helpful and constructive

Finally, a few good ideas:
1) Don't feed the trolls!
2) Substantiate your claims.
3) Think before you post.
4) Use your common sense.
5) Go surfing.

Mike "Swaylock" Paler