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so next year is my 5 year wedding anniversary and my parents 30th, both of which line up nicely (sort of) around the christmas holiday season. When I mentioned that my wife and i were thinking of heading to some warm water waves to celebrate next year, she suggested a family trip to hawaii.

here is the catch or at least what i am wondering as i know basically nothing hawaiian vacations.

1) are there spots to surf that wont kill me... i am a doh kind of guy at best and my wife is like head high...want to have fun in the surf and improve a bit.

2) are there places to stay that will not totally break the bank?

3) what island even....?

any info would be great thanks.

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waikiki/surf diamondhead in the winter(lost of other distractions)
makaha resort/surf makaha or waianae rest camp in the winter(isolated)

lots of spots can get pricey

surf hanalei or hang out with ambrose

your best options are on oahu
going to cost you an arm and a leg to get here in the first place..
prices will start to go up again in 2010 when the US economy turns


"ain't no big ting brudda"

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Maui is worth it also.You can check out online ,there is a hostel in Wailuku,another in Pa'ia,as for hotels,check out MauiBeach in Kahului,they are cheaper than hotels in the resort areas of Kaanapali and Wailea.there are also plenty of condominums that rent out by the week,Kihei or Kaanapali.you definitely will need to rent a car.As for the surf,Hookipa park most always has waves at that time of year,stay on the inside if it's big,if it's too big,don't go out,the current will take you into the impact zone,but mostly it's okay.Locals won't hassle you unless you try to drop in on someone,or if you are in over your head,they will tell you to get out.Before Hookipa is Ku'au bay,there is a surf spot there called Tavares,more user friendly once you make it out the past the reef.If you are lucky and there is a swell at the same time as the wind is light and variables or light "Konas",from the south,by the airport is a spot called Kanaha,beautiful beach and park,and 100 yard+ rides,although the break is pretty far out,1/4 mile or so,but well worth it.Stay away from Honolua bay,to surf it that is,just watch the guys,you won't be able to catch anything,it's gnarly getting down to the break,the wave is very powerful,the current will suck you right into the impact zone and in the way of the guys,who will tell you to get out.A much better place for you would be S-Turns,in Kahana,past Kaanapali and before Honolua,there is a park there.In General,surfers are much more mellower here on Maui,but there are car break-ins at beaches,so be aware of that.Happy anniversary,my wife and I are also celebrating our 30th this year.

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Any feelings on equipment for the North Shore if large surf is found? My regular boards are Skip Frye Eagles & Thinmans (both 11'2", Eagle's a pin, of course, but the Thinman's a wide roundtail w/ a 2 + 1 setup). I'd take them over but don't want the hassle or danger of airline abuse. I don't want to go the full rhino-chaser route but, rather, hope to find something over there in the 10'0" range w/ a pulled nose, rounded pin, 2 +1, maybe 22" & a bit more rocker then the Skips. Does this sound about right for something that will cruise in 6' & under surf but hang in there in DOH conditions?  

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If price is an issue for you I think you should pick the right hotels in Hawaii upon that. You can find surfing spots in most of the Hawaiian touristic locations, once you get there you can't get bored. Nice choice, Hawaii is perfect for this kind of celebrations.
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Hawaii can be a great Winter escape, especially if you live in a cold climate. I’ve been to Hawaii in the chilliest Winter months of January and February and thoroughly enjoyed the warm Hawaiian sun. So, what sort of temperatures can you expect? Let’s take Waikiki and Honolulu as good, centrally located example and examine their January weather averages.

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If you are looking for something safe go to the older islands Kauai and Oahu a lot more sand bar breaks out there.  I live in Kona and the winter here is fun and usually to big for most spots.  And its all reef breaks and cystral clear water so u see the reef the whole time and it freaks out a lot of tourist that are use to looking down at sand or not seeing the bottom in general cuz of poor water visibility.  Big island where i am is prob the cheapest but no matter what around that time of year it will be $$.

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Every island has its own thing going on, oahu is a great mix of city and country and its only an hour drive to north shore from Waikiki. Theres pleanty of size range out there but almost all of it is shallow reef. Expensive but well worth the cost.