"The Trick" (concept to final product)

This is my new stick. 6'1" x 20" x 2 5/8" double wing diamond tail. Its kind of a knock off of the Lost V2 rocket with a little more "meat" because I'm a big guy (6'1" 185lbs) and I ride in mostly from Florida to the OBX (east coast). Totally disigned on Adobe photoshop/Illustrator which I also printed the templates from (Outline & Art), and I used another one of my hybrids for the rocker.She's got a medium single concave that turns to a double 1" in front of the fins and a V out the tail. Shaped from a square blank. Sealed and painted the shaped blank with acrylic paint.Glassed and hot coated with resin research PH. Then sanded her up to 600 grit. Came out great all though the FCS X2 plugs were a pain in the ass! Next time I'll go with futures, pre glass fin boxes are MUCH easier. Can't wait to try her in some tropical storm swell later this week!