Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)

SOLD, thank you!

Very good condition, needs a new home, great ride. Fancy trim on the fin!

"it is a late 1965, or very early 1966. Your board was shaped by Bill (Willy) Clark. He is an outstanding craftsman, who went into custom boat design and building. At one point building a custom sail boat for Dennis Conner, of Americas Cup fame." ---Bill Thrailkill (thanks Bill)

SUPER LIGHT, STRONGER THAN ANY BOARD YOU HAVE EVER OWNED!! SUPER CLEAN Downsizing my quiver and moving up to bigger boards. Has two dings expertly repaired, comes with deck pad, no leash. Excellent board!

Size: 5'10"
Width: 18.50
Thick: 2.25 
Tail: swallow
model: DM3 - "Dan Malloy swallow" as seen in the movie - Melodies
Shaper: Fletcher Chouinard
Foam - waterproof extruded - the ONLY foam that is WATERPROOF