I have 2 Clark Foam blanks, both over 10' tall that I'm selling out of a storage unit of mine in East Hampton. $400 for them both or best offer. Pickup only in East Hampton. Needs to be arranged within the next week. Great opportunity to own some great history.

 Here is an original 9' 4" Jacobs Donald Takayama Stepdeck 'noserider' Model. It differs from a std. DT stepdeck model of the same year, being wider at the nose. It has two offset redwood stringers,with a clover leaf deck patch. It is all high desiity foam, but, still has a lighter feel to it.

Call 805 215-3853 if interested, locals only to view and purchase, $2500.00 firm

Disregard the yellow board DT Stepdeck model listed earlier as it is sold.