I have 2 Clark Foam blanks, both over 10' tall that I'm selling out of a storage unit of mine in East Hampton. $400 for them both or best offer. Pickup only in East Hampton. Needs to be arranged within the next week. Great opportunity to own some great history.


This here is a rare bear. It’s a 6’7″ quad shaped by Mr. Rich Pavel out of the one of those enviro bio-foam blanks. This one has a bitchin’ wedge tapered flex stringer. That’s groovy. I have owned this board for several years and only ridden it a few time ready to surf and surf and surf.

6’7″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

UP FOR BID on e-bay as well:


 Here is an original 9' 4" Jacobs Donald Takayama Stepdeck 'noserider' Model. It differs from a std. DT stepdeck model of the same year, being wider at the nose. It has two offset redwood stringers,with a clover leaf deck patch. It is all high desiity foam, but, still has a lighter feel to it.

Call 805 215-3853 if interested, locals only to view and purchase, $2500.00 firm

Disregard the yellow board DT Stepdeck model listed earlier as it is sold.