I need a bit of guidance fellow artists and surfers! John Holly made this incredible board for me in 1997! It was so beautiful I never ever used it as I had several other boards! It is 10'3" single fin in a box! It treated it as a sculpture! Hard to believe it is almost 20 years old! Not many boards have this life! As John is one of the top shapers down this way it should be either in a museum or in a fine collection! It needs a new home as I am streamlining life! Any tips on the best way to present it? More pics available Thank you Eider de Mello

This stick is one of the last two boards Bobby shaped before going to the other side. It is a 9'0" with 50/50 rails, noticible vee and ample glass for strength. It has been faithfully ridden and well cared for . It's strengths are staying slotted and nose rides. The lines of this craft are obviously the work of a perfectionist.

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This here is a rare bear. It’s a 6’7″ quad shaped by Mr. Rich Pavel out of the one of those enviro bio-foam blanks. This one has a bitchin’ wedge tapered flex stringer. That’s groovy. I have owned this board for several years and only ridden it a few time ready to surf and surf and surf.

6’7″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″

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