Al Merrick

Like-new Channel Islands Red Beauty, Tom Curren’s legendary 1984 Op Pro winning board. 6'6" x 19.75 x 2.75. 80's rocker, wide nose and tail, full rails, beak nose, signature Merrick bump squash. A lot of volume packed into a small board. Standard glass (6/4 deck, 4 bottom), Futures boxes, glassed @ The Lab. Ridden a couple times, still snow white, in new condition. These are custom order only now, too embarrassed to say what i paid :)

6'0" Channel Islands Fred Rubble Epoxy board 6' x 19 3/8" x 2 1/2" EPS Epoxy 5 Fin FCS Fin box Standard Glassing: 6/4+4 30.4L I purchased this EPOXY board as a custom order from Channel Islands a couple of years ago, paying $875. It is a beautiful board in excellent condition, only being surfed half a dozen times. Unfortunately it does not provide enough float for me at 30.4 Liters. I Paid $800 + tax new. Not interested in offers or trades. Thanks