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Phil Edwards

I am the original owner of this 9' Phil Edwards Hobie that I bought in ~1992 during Phil's period of reissuing his classic line. For such a basic looking board it has all the "tells" of having been made by the master. It's got more float than your expect for "only" a 9' board. Beautiful rails, slightly pulled in squash tail, T-Ban stringer, & Gold Foil Hobie logo. It is a great down the line board. Typical heal impressions etc but no punctures. I'd grade it in strong 8 condition, 10 being unridden/mint.

1964 Hobie Stock Model   9'-6'' with red pigment panels and black stripe Hobie Logo, 1&1/2 inch Balsa stringer , large barn door multi good fin Shows some snackling on fin base but very solid.  1-64 PE.. written on balsa stringer on bottom before black stripe.. Assuming its Phil Edwards.  Deck panels shows really clean, bottom has some dimples and old scuff marks. Nose was open but old repair with some staining on the balsa stringer on nose. Board is in 7/8  condition but is a real classic board and displays real nice for a 50 year old board.