Skip Frye

Frye egg in rider condition. Stringer and blank and glass job have plenty of life in them with proper "Rider" restoration job. Picked it up cheap and lettin it go steep. We talk about this via phone if you decide you're into it. 

SOLD----11' - 2" Custom Skip Frye Diamond Tail Eagle. One of a kind (possibly. I have not seen another one). Light yellowish green resin tint top and bottom with full "3 finger" cut laps top and bottom. 2 + 1 fin boxes. Ride as a single fin, or just use the side bites, or with all 3 fins. Heart shaped fin patch for extra strength. 1/4" + 1/16" + 1/4" , (5/8" over all) T-Band stringer. 10" Tail measurement. This board rides very nice. The diamond tail allows the board to turn with very little effort where I have found the pintail eagle wants to track and drift a little more.