This post details the journey of creating a hybrid Alaia/Fish surfboard by local Mozambican Dhow boat craftsman, Mussage.

Before heading through to Pemba, Mozambique I had made contact with a couple of people living in the area there to get their input on the waves. I’d been up North by boat before, but couldn’t recall what the waves were like. I received advice that there were very small waves and nothing really worth added effort of travelling with boards. So I took that advice and figured I’d just focus my ocean time on diving.

Double Single Stubbie Hull

Got inspired by Thrailkill and NPJr version of the double single fin so i took a stab at it with my old self shaped burrito. Way more drive, positive but loose, and more forgiving backside. It still retains the hull trim, rail pump & turn speed. Me and a few buddies are goofing on this thing. Definitely gonna do another one. I better put my Liddles away until i'm out of this phase and something happens...