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Sponsor Swaylocks

If you're running a business and want to get your products and services in front of the Swaylock’s community then a Business Sponsorship is for you.

First off, the audience. From collectors to underground builders to high-tech pros, our community includes some of the most hard core surfboard and surfcraft fanatics on the planet.

In terms of reach, Swaylock’s Digest (my email newsletter) has over 15,000 subscribers with a nearly 30% open rate. Swaylock's archives contains almost 48,000 pages spanning 23 years and is visited by 1000-2000 unique visitors a day from around the world.

If you are building a product or service where your target customers are surfboard lovers or the people who make them, you will gain high quality traffic through the sponsorship exposure, since all our visitors are surfboard lovers or builders. The sponsorship also builds brand recognition and improves conversion.