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Heavy Glass Job Denting Very Easily

First post here, thought I'd gather some opinions on this situation from some shapers/glassers. Just recieved a custom board, super excited, it came out great and it's beautiful. For added durability went with a heavy glass job + deck patch, totaling 16 oz on the deck, volan glass etc. Since this is not a performance board, I figured it'd be fine to add some extra weight with the hopes of creating a more durable board. Took it out for a surf in a mellow, waist high crumbling waves, and cruised it real easy, took a total of about 10-15 rides or so.

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Old longboard repairs

I picked up an old long board to "relearn" on 3 years ago.   The old boy is banged up and needs some love.   So I thought this would be a fun project, that could lead me to doing something similar for my daughters first board.   

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Ding and spider crack repair questions

Just picked up a chemistry short board for a sweet deal. Only thing is there's a ding on the tail from the leash and spider cracking on the bottom of the nose rocker on the bottom(my nails catch). I definitely would like to learn how to repair both of these issues. I'm a total novice when it comes to repairing so any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thanks

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Ekstrom - Repair, refurbish, or restore?

I'm trying to get some good opinions on what to do with an old board.  Obviously opinions are like you know what, but I stll like hearing what some of the veterans have to say about repairs vs refurbishment vs full restoration.  I have an old Ekstrom hull and it isn't in terrible shape, but the rails nose and tail have some older repairs that need help.  Is this puppy going to be worth more just to patch up and surf, or is there potentially some value in it if a more intensive refurbishment or restoration was the course of action?

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Y Swizzle Repair


I have a 10' swizzle that needs some repairs any and all guidance on this would be great.


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Repair Issues.
Hello to anyone who will listen. I have made a couple of boards and am comfortable with the layup and prep and stuff. Or at least I thought that I was. Recently I tried to repair a big delam/bubble/crack for a friend of mine. I prepped everything, rough sanded the rails, made sure plenty to use plenty of resin, and one good heavy hot coat. I gave the board back to my friend and the resin had had about 3 or four days to cure. When he took the board out though, the work I had done cracked in a big way.
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What should I charge? Nose repair
Hi Guys, Im pretty new to shaping... Currently working on my second board. A lady at work has asked me to mend some damage on her daughters board. The worst damage is the nose (Pic attached). Ive started by removing all the loose stuff and have sanded the area down...