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ding repair

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Joined: 01/30/2011
Troubles with hot coat on buckled nose repair

I'm (finally) repairing a buckled nose on a board that I used to love, following directions / input I received from an old thread here. 

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Spackle in lieu of Q Cell in a pinch...

Hi all,

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Removing Poor Ding Repair, Question About Scuff in Resin Color

Hey all, the rails of my board got a few scuff marks on them (not entirely sure how as I generally keep my boards fairly shipshape, store in bags etc but there you go) so I decided to ding repair just in case the glass was compromised. By 'scuff' I mean the resin color is scuffed there exposing the fiberglass weave, though it does not feel soft/exposed.
A couple almost-comical questions ensue:
1) Do scuffs (eg, no visible shatter or crack, but scuff in the resin color revealing fiberglass texture) even need to be patched over?

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Need help for an ongoing first-time ding repair

Got a ding near the nose - most damage on bottom, a bit shatter into the rail and into the deck.

This is what the original ding looks like: https://imgur.com/a/nAn1ZOB

I first hand-sanded it with 80 grit.
On the bottom, could see the cloth so I stopped.
On the rail/deck, cloth wasn't fully exposed but it seemed smooth enough.  Pics at this stage: https://imgur.com/a/y0IsZKt

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ding repair products you recommend?
hey all, just curious about quicky/portable ding repair products you've found useful. i've used solarez in the past just fine and the other day i randomly found a phix doctor mondo fill kit - at the thrift store for a buck. https://www.phixdoctor.com/product/sunpowered-mondo-dura-resin-fiberfill... i tried it and it worked well. the price was right, ha! i had no idea this phix doctor stuff existed, and figured there are a bunch of other options out there, so wanted to ask for opinions.