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Cutting, shaping, glassing in the USA

Hi all! We are looking to begin manufacturing our boards in the USA, specifically our stringerless EPS boards. Are there any suggestions on companies we should investigate to do a seriously good job? 

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A few quick EPS foam stain questions (and one about volume)
Hey all - I'm in the process of building my second board. It's shaped similarly to a minidriver. Overall I'm super excited with how the shape is looking. I get a lot of inspiration from Almond Surfboards, so on Sunday I decided on a whim to try an epoxy foam stain using extra pigment left over from my last build. After pulling the tape I found some serious bleed through. I'm actually really stoked on the idea/pattern I came up with but the execution needs work. To be honest I kind of like that the board is a reflection of my learning curve.