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FCS K Fins, Made in USA

Anyone happen to know what the original FCS K Fins, made in the USA, were made out of?

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Foils in the 21st Century

A lot happened in the area of airfoil research, development and design that is applicable for use on surfboards long before shapers started carving surfboards out of foam and glassing them with fiberglass.  Decades ago, the late fin guru Curtis Hesselgrave started producing windsurfing fins with 1940’s era NACA airfoils carved into G-10 glass with aerospace wind tunnel model accuracy.  The performance improvements over mystery-foil fins were phenomenal and started a performance revolution.

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3D Scans for fins? Asking for Halcyon

 Hello Swaylocks! Any of you know of a good contact for hi res 3D scans? Mr. Rich Sanders has been helping me with my own fin design efforts, he's also been asking if I can help him get his fin creations scanned. He's actually working on a couple sets right now.

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Future Vs. FCS Fin Box Placement

Hey All - 

New shaper here, setting fin boxes on a 5'10 fish with 1.5in tail rocker, 4in nose rocker, 2.5 thick, 21.5 wide.

Searched the form for this but couldn't seem to find anything.

Question is: Is there a differnce in how far up I should place the fins based on the system?

I currently have the lines drawn at 10.5in up from the tips, 1.5in in from the rail and a 1/4 toe in. Someone in the shop mentioned you need to set future fins up an extra 1-inch over FCS (which my shapers square seems to be made for). Planning to ride in socal mush. 

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Hugh Thompson - Did he inspire the Meyerhoffer XYZ

Recently bought this Hugh Thompson Wettinverted, which was I believe inspired by the late Max Wetteland. It quite a fun long board and wanted to share it with the forum and hear what your thoughts are. It seems that the Meyerhoffer XYZ takes a lot of design cues from this, including the thinned tail and inverted paddle section. 
Dims are included in the photo and I've taken it out on two sessions about 2-4 ft and felt real good, take off is quick and has an easy pivot, and then wants I'm down the line it holds well for nose rides.

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FOAM E-Z Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!
To get the holiday season started we're cutting prices on some of our most popular products! Stop by the shop or visit our *online store to enjoy 20% select products from Friday the 24th through Monday the 27th. *No discount code necessary, discounts will be applied before checkout Sale Includes: - E-Z Square Pro V.15 - E-Z Shape Pad - E-Z Shape Pad Combos - E-Z Epoxy Kits - Foam E-Z Hats - E-Z Fred Tool - E-Z Marking Gauge - E-Z Finish Pad 6455 Industry Way, Westminster, CA 92683 Telephone: 714.896.8233 Fax: 714.896.0001
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Waterproof ink for stamping outside of fins
Hi, I'm trying to work out a process of transferring my designs onto the exterior of a fin. You can see an image of one of the fins below using rice paper which isn't as perfect as I'd like. I've experimented with rice paper printing and laying it down underneath the final coat of resin, but the resin itself isn't heavy enough to weight it down uniformly and it either stiffens up the fin too much, or you just end up going through the layer of resin back onto the fin beneath. That's the image I've posted.