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Resin kicked FAST. RANT**

So I'm glassing the deck of my second board today.. my first board went great. Bottom/deck/hot coat all fantastic. Now I'm on my second board, glassed the bottom.. perfect. All is well. Today when I glassed the deck OMG what a surprise I stumbled into. Idk WTF happened, but I didn't even get to wrap the rails before my resin went jelly on me. I freaked. My heart sunk and my boards life was flashing before my eyes. Both rails looked terrible they were all globby and dry.. they would barely wrap. So I freaked out some more and decided to rip all the glass off before it was too late.

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Heavy Glass Job Denting Very Easily

First post here, thought I'd gather some opinions on this situation from some shapers/glassers. Just recieved a custom board, super excited, it came out great and it's beautiful. For added durability went with a heavy glass job + deck patch, totaling 16 oz on the deck, volan glass etc. Since this is not a performance board, I figured it'd be fine to add some extra weight with the hopes of creating a more durable board. Took it out for a surf in a mellow, waist high crumbling waves, and cruised it real easy, took a total of about 10-15 rides or so.

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Cutting, shaping, glassing in the USA

Hi all! We are looking to begin manufacturing our boards in the USA, specifically our stringerless EPS boards. Are there any suggestions on companies we should investigate to do a seriously good job? 

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FOAM E-Z Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!
To get the holiday season started we're cutting prices on some of our most popular products! Stop by the shop or visit our *online store to enjoy 20% select products from Friday the 24th through Monday the 27th. *No discount code necessary, discounts will be applied before checkout Sale Includes: - E-Z Square Pro V.15 - E-Z Shape Pad - E-Z Shape Pad Combos - E-Z Epoxy Kits - Foam E-Z Hats - E-Z Fred Tool - E-Z Marking Gauge - E-Z Finish Pad 6455 Industry Way, Westminster, CA 92683 Telephone: 714.896.8233 Fax: 714.896.0001
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Burn throughs
Hi all, Glassing my first board. I'm using epoxy resin, have already hotcoated and am mostly done. During the final stages of sanding I started getting a few spots where I could very faintly see the pattern of the thread (it barely even shows up in pictures). Are these burn throughs? Does they mean my board won't be properly sealed?
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Chambered wooden surfboard final stages.
Hi, I am currently building a 6' x 20"x 2.5" (roughly) chambered wooden surfboard out of old pallet wood. The idea of the project is the use of recycled timber, and of course a love of woodwork and surfing. The board is being made to be surfed of course, but I am aware, being pine, it will be heavier than other boards. Fortunately I am quite light so I have come to terms with the weight thing. But I still want it to be the best board it can be.
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Longboard glass schedule
Hi Guys, I'm currently shaping my first longboard but having difficulty coming up with a glassing schedule. I weigh 90kgs and want the board to last. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking 6 bottom, 6+6 deck.