resin tint

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Fixing/Adjusting Botched Color

I've read some prior related threads, but didn't find any that address my precise question, so:
A board I'd custom-ordered was just finished but the color is way different than the reference color we'd discussed. It came out rather tangerine, when the intended color was bronze (ochre-butterscotch).

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Fixing a bad resin color
So I ordered a log around 2 months ago and I asked my shaper for like a butterscotch yellow-orange resin tint. 3 days after he gave it to the glasser I asked if it was too late to change the color after I saw possibly the coolest color combo I've seen on a log (naturally, I had to at least ask to change it) and he said it wasn't a big deal and was able to tell the glasser before he had started laminating (that wasn't crucial to this topic, but I thought I might as well mention it).
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Restoring a Board - glassing over an old job.

Hi there,

I've glassed a few self shaped boards, but I've agreed to "fix" up an older board beloing to a friend and I was hoping for some advice on how best to approach it.

It's a 7'5'' funboard, and the underside has seen better days.  It's been dinging ~20 times, but all have been fixed up pretty well.  I wanted to give it a new lease of life and also one good solid layer to fill any hairline cracks, cover over the patchwork of repairs,  cover the few spots where the cloth has frayed through and make it water tight.  The top/deck is in good condition.

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Emerald Tint v Pigment Glass Question

I really dig the color on this DK board. Is it done with a tint or pigment? Any recommendations on the best colors to blend would be appreciated. Only glassed six boards so far and have gotten all pigement from Shaper Supply. Thanks homies. 

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glassing over fin plugs

hi guys,

i have removed the glass from an old board in order to re-shape the nose and re-glass it in epoxy resin , what should i do about the fin plugs, how should i go baout laminating over them?

the fin plugs are fcs x-2 and are in a 5-fin setup currently


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Circle Resin Tint


I am attempting a Bing surfboards Speed Square shape in a few weeks and am keen to try a resin tint. I want to have a shot at something like this:

I really like the two tone circle thing and also the different shades of greenseen within, so if someone could gove me some pointers to get this kind of finish it would be very appreciated


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Resin tint techniques - horizontal blended lines

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can shed some light on effective techniques for achieving these blended horizontal lines with resin tint like the ones shown in this picture? Would mixing a darker green and pouring across first then covering with the main green achieve this? Would you need to squeegee across the board to keep the lines relatively uniform? Using polyester with MEK. Also, thinking they've used a transparent resin tint? Probably wrong though. I've only used pigments before but want to have a crack at some tints on the lam. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.