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For Sale: Clark Foam Hitachi Planer


I am selling my original Clark Foam modified Hitachi surfboard planer.

Purchased around 1994: Serial #2433. I shaped about 8-10 boards, then it went back in the box until recently.

Very good condition, looking for someone who wants to put it back to use.

Asking $550. Thanks

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Future Vs. FCS Fin Box Placement

Hey All - 

New shaper here, setting fin boxes on a 5'10 fish with 1.5in tail rocker, 4in nose rocker, 2.5 thick, 21.5 wide.

Searched the form for this but couldn't seem to find anything.

Question is: Is there a differnce in how far up I should place the fins based on the system?

I currently have the lines drawn at 10.5in up from the tips, 1.5in in from the rail and a 1/4 toe in. Someone in the shop mentioned you need to set future fins up an extra 1-inch over FCS (which my shapers square seems to be made for). Planning to ride in socal mush. 

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