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Would this board be possible? - Shaping
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Cutting, shaping, glassing in the USA

Hi all! We are looking to begin manufacturing our boards in the USA, specifically our stringerless EPS boards. Are there any suggestions on companies we should investigate to do a seriously good job? 

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Removable D Fin for a Pig?

I've been planning to shape a pig for more than a year and half, and am finally going to make time to make it.

I want to run a classic D Fin, as would noly be appropriate on a Pig, but would love to use a fin box and make the fin removable for easier travel. I know that D fins are designed to be run all the way back at the tail block. But with most foil plans, the very last few inches of the tail are usually too thin for a 10.5" Fins Unlimited box to be placed all the way back.

Would it work to make a removable D Fin with an offset/forward shifted base? 

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Future Vs. FCS Fin Box Placement

Hey All - 

New shaper here, setting fin boxes on a 5'10 fish with 1.5in tail rocker, 4in nose rocker, 2.5 thick, 21.5 wide.

Searched the form for this but couldn't seem to find anything.

Question is: Is there a differnce in how far up I should place the fins based on the system?

I currently have the lines drawn at 10.5in up from the tips, 1.5in in from the rail and a 1/4 toe in. Someone in the shop mentioned you need to set future fins up an extra 1-inch over FCS (which my shapers square seems to be made for). Planning to ride in socal mush. 

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Where to get agave?

Hi All,

I'm in norcal and I'm loking to make a  5'6" hollow agave fish but, I'm having trouble finding any agave strips large enough for the deck and bottom. I am in Norcal and willing to drive anyhwere from Marin to Monterey area if anyone knows of any places that might carry any agave.

Additionally, does anyone know of any online sellers that might be able to ship large enough agave strips in the US.

Thanks all for the help

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FOAM E-Z Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!
To get the holiday season started we're cutting prices on some of our most popular products! Stop by the shop or visit our *online store to enjoy 20% select products from Friday the 24th through Monday the 27th. *No discount code necessary, discounts will be applied before checkout Sale Includes: - E-Z Square Pro V.15 - E-Z Shape Pad - E-Z Shape Pad Combos - E-Z Epoxy Kits - Foam E-Z Hats - E-Z Fred Tool - E-Z Marking Gauge - E-Z Finish Pad 6455 Industry Way, Westminster, CA 92683 Telephone: 714.896.8233 Fax: 714.896.0001
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Advice on step up file
Hi Swaylock community, I've been a long time lurker but this is my first post as I can't quite find the info I'm after. I'm looking for some help with this file I've been working on for a while - a 6'5 step up for bigger days around home (NZ). It's my first build and while I've been getting a lot of help from a friend who's done it before, I thought I'd post the design on here to see what others reckon. Trying to make a board that will paddle easy and feel solid underfoot. Not looking to be doing much turning on it, just drawing clean lines.