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Fin/box Troubleshoot

To my great consternation: switched a fin into a new board and it won’t slide at back where the pin drops into the finbox; the rest of the base can sit fine in the finbox, but it just won’t slide back from the pin insertion point. Sanded it down a bit already, and didn’t see any glass drips in the box (though perhaps there's some where I can't see, like on the inside rim of the track where the plate slides). It seems site-specific, though I can't tell if it's an issue with the fin by the pin or something with the box.

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sinle fin box out @ 1/8 "

  I am reshaping the bottom of a longboard that never worked great ..I shaped the board and I had the it glassed and the fin box installed by a local glasser. presently  I am moving the fin box back from 6" to 4" from the tail. I measured the fin box placement before routering it out and  it is not centered. it is out 1/8 on an inch left to right ....  how much does a misalligned fin box (@6") have on the performace of a 9'8* squaretail noserider?