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Fin placement on an asymmetrical surfboard blank

Hi all, 

I'm currently shaping my first surfboard, and I had a (potentially dumb) question. 

My tail is sligtly asymmetrical, and I would like to do a 5 fin set up using FCS 2 fin boxes. From what I read, if my blank is asymmetrical, I should measure my fin placement from the rail, as fins and rails work together during turns. Now, I was wondering if my rear and front quads had to have the same center line along the stringer? 

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Advice on step up file
Hi Swaylock community, I've been a long time lurker but this is my first post as I can't quite find the info I'm after. I'm looking for some help with this file I've been working on for a while - a 6'5 step up for bigger days around home (NZ). It's my first build and while I've been getting a lot of help from a friend who's done it before, I thought I'd post the design on here to see what others reckon. Trying to make a board that will paddle easy and feel solid underfoot. Not looking to be doing much turning on it, just drawing clean lines.
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surfboard is too soft. WHAT DO I DO?

Alright so hear me out Swaylock... SO I'm current in the process of building an insulation sheet surfboard. I just added the gloss coat and was ready to sand and finish her up until I noticed something... The board seemed way SOFTER than a typical board. I put pressure on the board in various places and noticed that I could put a pressure dent in it relatively easily. Now it's not like the thing is a sponge but it definitely should not be this soft.