"Over the past ten years C. J.Nelson has had 100s of speciality nose riding surfboards. The Mars is a mesh of C.J.'s favorite designs. The radical moon nose allows water to flow into the concave with the least resistance creating a stable ''pontoon'' effect. This is the design that makes nose riding fun and easy for everyone." -City Fog

Form meets function plus serious roots with this beautiful modern take on the Tom Blake "kookbox" paddleboard. At 14' x 22" x 5" this board can be hung on a wall for display or used as a daily paddler. The construction is foam, wood and fiberglass and is painted faux redwood and balsa - you really have to look at it closely to tell the difference. It has a small foam deck pad and a shallow keel fin for gliding over the kelp beds. Built by Billy Butler, an underground Southern California board builder who's career has spanned from the days of hollow wood to foam and carbon fiber.